She Was a 4-month-old Baby With Bright Blue Eyes And She Was Left for Dead

On the morning of January 6th, 2020, we received a call from wildlife vet Dr. Albertus Coetzee about a tragic story that broke our hearts. They have rescued a 4-month-old baby elephant that was trapped in a man-made snare.


The Elephant Adoption Program

Every single day, orphanages are struggling to get by.

Supporting a single elephant with nutritious food, safe shelter, and specialized health care can cost up to a staggering $30,000 per year.

Extending the support these animals can get by being in an orphanage for even just one more month can make a huge impact.

That’s one more month they can eat well...

One more month they can stay free from diseases and get treated with medicines...

One more month of having safe shelter, away from poachers...

And now, you can help give them one more month of support - for a fraction of the cost.

Adopt An Elephant for One Month By Supporting Their Orphanage Expenses

With The Elephant Adoption Program, you can help HERD afford to care for one orphaned elephant for one more month...

And You Can Do It by Simply Purchasing Your Elephant Bracelet for Only $27

This Bracelet will serve as a reminder of your generosity and the kindness of your heart that we at Discover Wildlife and HERD will always be grateful for.

Each Elephant Bracelet is made of durable woven cords, covered in beautifully clear beads. It is also waterproof so you’ll never have to remove it even when taking a bath.

1 Bracelet = 1 Elephant’s Life

By purchasing an Elephant Bracelet, you’ll be covering the cost of caring for one orphaned elephant for one whole month.

And with our carers struggling to make ends meet every single day, your help will make a huge impact on the elephants you adopt, as well as on the whole orphanage.

By supporting this program, you will be:

Providing Nutritious Food For Your Elephant

Elephants need their mother’s milk to survive. With their parents’ gone, they will need a specially formulated milk that can substitute their mother’s milk. You can help the orphanage nourish your elephant with specialized food designed to give them the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Providing Better Equipment For The Orphanage

Your support can give elephants toys to stimulate their brain, blankets to protect them from the cold weather, raincoat for when it is rainy, sunscreen and umbrellas to protect them from the harsh South African sun, and other equipment they need to live a healthy life.

Providing Wildlife Veterinary Costs

Rescued orphans are often malnourished and wounded. You can help provide medical care from expert wildlife vets to keep them safe from infections and diseases as they slowly regain their health before they return to the wild.

Providing For a Team Of Carers Who Stays With Your Elephant 24/7

Developing a bond between a carer and an orphaned elephant is crucial in helping them regain their lives. Our team of carers stays with your elephant 24/7 to gain their trust and affection, so they can respond well to treatment. You can help support the daily expenses of your elephant’s caregiver, so they won’t have to leave your elephant just to survive.

Supporting Other Orphaned Elephants Who Lost Their Family To Poaching

When you adopt an elephant, you’re not just helping one orphaned calf, but other elephants, too. Through this program, we aim to boost global awareness about this wildlife crisis. That said, the more donors we have, the higher the chance that our message can reach more people who are eager to help. This way, you can get more elephants adopted and saved from the effects of the brutal ivory trade.

Know Exactly Where Your Money Is Going

I’m fortunate enough to have made a close connection with the orphanage and see exactly where donations go and how they are spent to care for the animals.

But not everyone has this luxury.

That said, I made it my mission to not only raise funds for these organizations but to also let donors get involved, by giving them the transparency they need to see where their hard-earned money is spent.

And to let them know how they are making a positive impact.

When you adopt an elephant through Discover Wildlife’s Elephant Adoption Program, you’ll receive monthly updates throughout their rehabilitation journey so you can watch them grow until they’re ready to return to the wild.

Receive An Adoption Certificate

Take pride in having a kind heart and supporting our orphanage in rescuing and caring for our orphaned elephants. 

As a sign of our gratitude, we’ll give you a certificate to always remind you - and let your guests know - about the positive impact you had on these animals in need.

Save An Elephant For Less Than A Dollar A Day

Actions are being taken to combat poaching. But until now, adult animals die every day, and young calves are being left by themselves in the wilderness, trying to fight for their fragile life.

We aim to help each and every single one of them, but our budget is being stretched too thin.

Now, you have the chance to change one elephant’s life for less than a dollar a day.

That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee or a hamburger.

But now, this small amount can make a massive impact.

Join Us In Helping Raise These Orphans So They Can Finally Return To The Wild

Although we’re still far from being able to sustainably fund the orphanage and other animal welfare organizations that we help, we’re so grateful to have people willing to help us in our mission to save the wildlife.

And now, you get to join this group of amazing people in rehabilitating orphans like Khanyisa and preparing them for their eventual return into the wild.

How Your $27 Can Make A Difference

For many of us, $27 doesn’t seem much. But for HERD and the many orphans they care for, it’s a blessing we will forever be grateful for.

Here’s exactly how your $27 can make an impact for one whole month:

  • Provide Nutritious Food For Your Elephant
  • ​Providing Better Equipment For The Orphanage
  • ​Providing Wildlife Veterinary Costs
  • Providing For a Team Of Carers Who Stays With Your Elephant 24/7
  • ​Supporting Other Orphaned Elephants Who Lost Their Family To Poaching

You’ll also get:

  • Elephant Bracelet as a reminder of your good deed
  • Monthly Updates About Your Elephant
  • ​An Adoption Certificate as a symbol of our gratitude

She Was in Excruciating Pain

The snare tore up her flesh, leaving it wide open. She was left bloodied and almost lifeless. 

To add to her struggle, she’s also a rare albino elephant, which makes her extremely vulnerable to skin diseases and even blindness from prolonged sun exposure.

It’s unclear how long she’s been held captive by the jaws of this man-made snare, whether she’s been trapped while navigating the wilderness alone or was left by her helpless herd.


This 4-month-old elephant has barely experienced the joys of life.

She has yet to explore the world around her, together with her herd - her family.

But due to the pursuit of ivory, poachers ALMOST killed this innocent child.

Worse, she doesn’t even have a tusk yet - which meant she could’ve died for absolutely nothing.

But despite having to fight for her fragile life, enduring her injuries and battling thirst and the flaming-hot sun, one thing is clear:

She Has The Spirit Of a Fighter

Dr. Coetzee and his fantastic team took care of this brave baby elephant at the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. 

In the next 24 hours, she was taken into the custody of HERD, South Africa's first dedicated elephant orphanage. 

That’s where they took care of her wounds and gave her the medical care she badly needed.

After seeing her unique beauty in the light of the morning’s sunrise, their team decided to name her…


Today, Khanyisa is enjoying the company of many other elephants under the care of HERD and is receiving optimal nutrition and sufficient health care. 

Within her is a spirit of a brave fighter and the heart of a bubbly child.

Sadly, We Still Need Your Help.

In every 15 minutes that pass, one elephant dies at the hands of poachers.

And in the past 5 years, over 150,000 elephants have already been killed for their ivory.

At this rate, their species could be extinct in LESS than 2 years.

But even today, we’re already seeing the effects of poaching.


 For Every Adult Elephant They Kill, a Young Calf Is Left Without a Family.

The number of orphaned elephants is continuously growing. And without their parent - or their herd - to feed, teach, and protect them, they struggle to survive in the wilderness.

And since elephants are social animals, not only do they have to protect and feed themselves, but they’d also have to deal with the stress and anxiety of not having a family - or anyone they can trust.

But with Your Help, We Can Save These Orphans And Make a Difference

Hi. My name is Gavin.

I co-founded Discover Wildlife back in 2015. It was a wildlife enthusiasts community with over 1,2 million members. 

It was created to raise awareness about how we, as individuals and as a community, can positively impact nature and wildlife.

During this time, I partnered with HERD, South Africa’s first dedicated elephant sanctuary

They told me about the effects of poaching in the South African wilderness and how many young calves are being left without their parents and their herd as a result of human-elephant conflict

We discussed the struggles of animal orphanages, and how they are quickly running out of funds to feed and care for orphaned animals.

They told me about their ongoing financial challenges, like so many other conservation orientated organisations.

Our conversation broke my heart into pieces.

But it also showed me how exactly I can help



Khanyisa And Her Friends Are Waiting For You

Every day that passes without getting enough help, orphaned elephants like Khanyisa are being put at risk of being returned to the wild unprepared.

With the orphanage’s budget running low, and the expenses of rehabilitating a calf continuously increasing, it might only be a matter of time before they are forced to close.

But YOU can prevent this from happening...

Simply by acting fast and purchasing our Elephant Bracelet to support the Elephant Adoption Program TODAY!


Will the orphaned elephants be used for touristic purposes?

We believe that opening the orphanage as a tourist attraction can cause unnecessary distress to our orphaned elephants, especially since they are going through rehabilitation. That said, HERD is not and will never be open for tourists, and no animals will be exploited.

Can I adopt several elephants at once?

Yes! Every time you purchase a bracelet, you get to support the orphanage and adopt one elephant. By repeating your purchase, you can adopt another orphaned elephant in need.

Where exactly will my contribution go?

93% of the profits will go to the orphanage’s expense budget to cover the costs of caring for the elephants. You will get a monthly update to see how your adopted elephant is doing, and how your help is making a positive impact.

Okay! I’d like to support the program! How can I do adopt an elephant?

That’s easy. Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to the next page where you can provide your information through our secured server.

Before you go, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this letter and witnessing the plight of our orphaned elephants.

We at HERD and Discover Wildlife look forward to the day when no elephants are left struggling alone in the wild to fend for themselves.

And with your help, we can make that happen.

Thanks again,


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